Welcome to the Bensman Family

by Allen B. Saxe


My approach to family history began with the idea of engaging the entire family in learning with me. I constantly posed questions, requested stories and photographs. JewishGen became an invaluable resource for connecting me to other researchers. I was also fortunate to reconnect with an old high school friend, Joel Alpert, who created a website of the Jews of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I was able to locate some researchers in Belarus who gained access to records that enabled me to learn about the early history of our family. While I knew the broad history of my great-grandparents, my research pushed our history back generations.


Dr. Tsodik Aronin (who came to the US in the 1980’s), the grandson of my grandfather’s sister Devorah, learned of my research. Tanya Ozadovsky (who lives in Moscow), the granddaughter of my grandfather’s sister Reyla, found me. Tanya and her son Jacob were able to provide the most amazing story of the survival my grandfather’s five siblings and their families who all remained in Belarus. My grandfather Yehuda and his four brothers (Joseph, Abe, William, and Max) arrived in the US, along with Meyer’s son, cousin Leo, in the early 1900’s. Meyer, Zalman, Reyla, Devorah, and Itka remained in Belarus. They survived WWI and WWII.


As I was documenting our branch of the Bensman family, more and more Bensmans began contacting me. I grew up knowing my first and second cousins, but now I have documented third cousins and even sixth and seventh cousins. There are still numerous branches that I still have not connected, but I hope I will eventually learn more.


I do owe a deep appreciation to several people who have encouraged and assisted me throughout the past decade. Stephen Bensman, my second cousin, and his wife Miriam are both outstanding intellects who have always made their time available to translate Russian, Yiddish, Polish documents. My first cousin Rhoda and her husband Phil were active researchers. My cousin Rhoda knew the family stories and always had great insight. Tanya Ozadovsky’s documentation of  the family in Belarus, Russia, Israel, and many other places has been remarkable. Evelyn Bensman Rudnick,the daughter of William Bensman, has been a major source of family history

and provided many of the wonderful photographs.


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Welcome to the Bensman Family Website by Allen B. Saxe

Lepel Town Synagogue

Allen B. Saxe the son of Jessie Bensman Saxe and Morris Saxe

the grandson of Yehuda Bensman and Reishe Sussman Bensman

the great-grandson of David Bensman and Crena Feiga Aaron

the great-great- grandson of Zalman Bensman

the great-great-great grandson of Abram-Meyer and Ginda Leybov

the great-great-great-great grandson of Borukh